Growing bergmans autos

So i was also wondering i have white widdow autos and blueberry kush autos from robert n i grew the widdows last yr but this is my first time with the blueberry so was wondering i saw u mention to someone else that u could tag em n show em bergmans autos growing so u knew what to expect i was wondering if u could tag me for that id realky appreciate it …also her is my first blueberry she just started flowering about a week ago do you know how long the blueberrys tend to flower? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

. As you can see ive done some extensive training she has 19-20 tops as of now but i think ill have just a few more by the time its all said n done:-)


Here are search results on the forum for Blueberry Auto. Maybe something helpful for you in the list, not sure.


If I were you I would through a tamota cage over her now while she’s small so you can train and support the heck out of her as she gets older… nice job… :wink:

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