Growing advice & tips for the southern hemisphere like from South Africa!

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Most of your growing advice & tips are great but aimed at Americans or people in northern hemisphere - what about your customers living in southern hemisphere - don’t you guys want customers from South Africa??? Then maybe all your info should not only be aimed at Americans but also give growing tips for us living in the southern part of the world. Info on GROWING IN SOUTH AFRICAN CLIMATE (Southern Hemisphere). Everything in guides is related to Northern side only!!! Please provide info on Southern hemisphere i.e. south African climate growing - if possible?”

@ILGM.Becky hmmm, maybe he should try an indoor setup. Im sure there are a couple of climates that are naturally just no good for growing marijuana

@ILGM.Becky after looking at south africas climate they have 65% humidity outdoor all year round,this is unique an their summer is finished in may temps are colder at this period than the last 3 months so maybe jan,feb,march an have them in the ground before this period,usually mid spring is a good time in oz but your temps are total different,i suggest doing some more research on your area if possible,your right their aren’t many growers from your area with your climate,but if you fill out a support ticket i’m sure alot here would be glad to help good luck mate :slight_smile: