Growing a hydroponics bubble system, any advice?

A question of a fellow grower:
What would be my biggest challenge growing a hydroponics bubble system with around 2-4 plants in 5 gallon buckets. Space being 4x4 with led lights, exhaust fans living in California?

It really depends on the knowledge you already have. There is a lot to know and monitor. I wouldn’t say one thing is more challenging, the challenging part is keeping all requirements within their property limits. You should really join the forum so we can help guide you through your grow. Especially doing hydro where the smallest overlook can result in failure. I live in California so heat can be a problem, but knowing how much air to use, water level, temps, humidity, ppm, what nutes to use and how much for the different stages of growth, proper lighting, and so on. So it is a challenge as a whole basically.

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