Growing a female and auto at same time...? Thoughts...?

I have strawberry kush female seeds and blueberry auto flower. Both of them according to ILGM flower about the same time. I was thinking of starting the strawberry kush a week or 2 before the blue AUTO and then I can keep them in the same room and same light cycle.

Has this been done? I’m a beginner so if this is difficult or if it doesn’t work please let me know but I’m curious to see if anybody else has had the same idea and if it works.

-NOTE My first grow was an amnesia auto and it starting showing signs of flower very early so I was thinking just letting the strawberry go a good 10-14 days maybe a little more then start the blueberry. I have a small but good grow room, 2x 400 watt HPS lights and temp and humidity controlled, I can fit about 5 plants in there.

Look forward to hearing from everyone and what they think …:grinning:

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I’m relearning I’ll help what I can. Yes. I have a photoperiod and 3 autos growing in the same veg space at 18/6 at 6500k. In 1/2 weeks I’m moving my photoperiod into flowering at 12/12 and 2700k.
The autos will flower automatically, whereas the photoperiod needs the light changed and the run time lowered.
I’ve got five plants growing in two dressers, really soon bigger space, so you can.

Have fun ask questions everyone here is helpful.