Growers choice 420

New indoor grower here. Have some experience outdoors
Building a 4x3.5 grow room but I am limited in height 5.8 foot max
Looking to get a growers choice 420 was wondering if this is to much light . Also already have a t5 4bulb 4foot I plan on using during flowering any and all comments welcome

No to much light is not a problem you can always turn the light down with that 420 you won’t need the T5

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Thanks for the advice
One more nube question would it benefit any to use a uvb bulb in the t5 during flowering

Welcome to the community! Lots of help here. A good one for light question is @dbrn32 can you shed some light on their light?
Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Roi-e420 little small to flower out space that large.

Whats your budget on a light? I have the roi e720 they are pretty nice but they are about a grand each

Hope I’m not bothering you but think I have it narrowed down
I’ve reconfigured and have 4 x 5 floor and plan on growing 3 plants in a Scrog with canopy around 3 x 4 or so

My problem is hieght . The highest I can get the light is 5 foot 8 inches
I have narrowed it down (well with what little knowledge I have ) to 2 lights
Refurbished (trying to keep budget under 700 ) hlg 600 r spect or ChiLed tec x3 500 kit
Can actually get the hlg a little cheaper than the ChiLed
The hlg says to hang 32 inches above canopy where the chilled say I can go as close as 12 I’m leaning towards the hlg but just afraid of the highest

Thanks in advance from a great full noob

Thr difference in recommended height is just due to physical size and layout of led modules. Because chilled tech is larger fixture it can be run a little closer. Imo this is manageable either way, just a matter of what you want and what you’re willing to spend.

Great thanks kinda leaning more toward an hlg blackbird read some in this site about it new design and spectrum
In your opinion if this is the one I get is it worth getting the uv board also

I don’t feel there is anything critical about light spectrum in comparison to other hlg lights. The diode count on boards and board spacing design is such thatvit could be run closer to canopy than something like hlg-600r