Grow tent dilemmas

I set my 3x3 up today. My seeds are germinating. Things are about to be rolling but I am still waiting on my 5 gal fabric pots to arrive. I was visualizing my set up and ran into a couple of questions I was hoping you guys could help me with.

  1. I have a table fan and I fear there will not be enough room for it in the tent. Would a small 3in fan be enough to circulate air and move the canopy? The idea is 4 plants in the tent.

  2. My light came with some cables to hang it with. Should I get some small chains instead so I can move my light up and down?

  3. If my seeds haven’t popped after 24 hours should I go ahead and do the napkin method or just go ahead and put them in their solo cups?

Cant wait to get this grow going! A journal will be coming as soon as there is something to show lol.


I like to run all my equipment for a few days before I put my seeds in. Good luck .

  1. if you can fit any fan in, it is better than no air circulation.
  1. i start with the paper towel method so i cant advise you there beyond make sure its got a tail before you plant it

The adjustable rope contraption is wonderful to have. I highly recommend them over the ones that isn’t adjustable.


Get something like these. Easy to use, lock and inexpensive.
I also have a 3x3. When I get 4 5 gallon pots in there plus the drainage saucers there isn’t much floor space left. Recommend and oscillating fan that clips to a vertical pole. I use a Jardin and happy with it. In late summer when it was hot, I did put in another 6" fan on the floor. This year I am going to install an inline intake fan.
I have learned from the forum to add a little peroxide to the water to aid germination. Soak 24 - 32 hr, if it has a tail, to a solo cup with good seed starting mix. If no, then paper towel. Keep damp, dark and warm. What are you growing?

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I purchased a bulk pack of those rope pulley things. Very handy.
Zip tie your fan to whatever you need to, but zip tie it so that it doesn’t fall on a plant. So many posts about that happening here.

I place them in paper towels after 24 hours. And wait for a tail. Then I place in medium, tail down. Carefully.

Don’t waste valuable floor space with a fan, use those adjustable rope pulley things to hang the fans above the canopy, I put a 6" fan in both back corners, you can see the bottoms of them here. And no, a 3 inch fan ain’t going to do enough, go with 2 6 inchers or 8 inchers.


@beardless I got the pop culture pack. I’m growing 2 Skywalker og, 1 black widow and 1 Bruce banner.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ve got my cables ordered and I picked up a smaller fan I can zip tie to the side. Seeds are already in napkins and at least 2 of them are showing a tail.

Good luck