Grow temperature

Hey i am growing some blueberry autos indoor. What is the best temp to keep my grow room at? I live in a very humid part of aus it is 32-34 c with 70% humidity most days is it okay to just leave it at that temperature?

Maybe this chart can help you with your question.

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Daytime temps vary with strain, but 75-80f during the day is perfect. Anything over 85f indoors can lead to issues.
65-75f night is good. An rh of 70% is great for seedlings and most of veg.

You may want to invest in a dehumidifier for flowering, since an rh of of 50% in early flower, and 35-40% in late flower are best.

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Thank you, so I want to be in the green?

Stay in the blue if your plant is in early veg.
Green when its in late veg/early flower.
Yellow for mid flower/late flower.
Never be in Red.

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