Grow room safety

I was just in tent watering plants, wearing only socks on my feet. Before long I had the dreaded “WetSock”. Than I look at the cord running to oscillating fan…and think, hmm. That can easily go very bad! Literally a thin shielding on the fans cord is only thing stopping the flow of electricity to my wet feet.

I’m sure, at least I hope everyone applies a great deal of common sense when running electricity here and there for our many purposes.
But I’ve learned it’s real easy to overlook little things at some time or another.
So, outside my tent door where my safety glasses hang, will be my old Muck boots. If I never go in without them, I eliminate the chance of tragedy.

Do you guys wear something on feet?
Do you instead make sure runoff is contained?

Yea @AgentJay, this is a good thread to post. I was actually electrocuted when I was younger. By the exact way you just pictured it happening to yourself. I was in my basement helping my dad clean up the flood. And out of no where, I got shocked like I’ve never felt before, or since. My dad quickly realized that a frayed extension cord had become submerged in the water, and since my feet were in the water too, I got a massive shock. Ever since then, I have been extremely careful around any outlets or cords lol.

When I set up my grow area, I made sure EVERY cord is hanging, and not lying on the ground. JUST in CASE, God forbid, that my basement should flood again! I can’t even imagine those digital ballasts I have becoming submerged in water. I don’t want to even think about it lol!

Also, I have a set pair of shoes that I only wear in my grow area. The shoes don’t come out of the grow area. I do this to avoid contamination from any number of things out in the real world. I have dogs too, so it’s just easier for me this way. I’m a shoe guy anyway so I already a ton of them. I even put tarps up around the outside of the grow area, just for even more light prevention. I always wear my sunglasses too. That is really important to me because I already have sensitive eyes!

If I have too much run off, I have a shop vac right next to my tents for any spills or messes. I also keep paper towels there in case I need to clean up small amounts of water quickly. For me, I did all of this as I was setting up my grow area. I knew I would have spills, and I’ve had a bad experience with water and power cords lol. For some people they might not even think about things like this, so it’s a great topic to bring up Jay!


All my cords for lights and and fans are hung high off the floor.
I keep right about 60 galons of rain water in my grow room.
And now that @AgentJay has brought it up. He reminds me to get my two ballast s off the floor.
Cause god for bid what would happen if I knocked over 5 gal’s of water Thank you for this thread.



yes, a zipped up tent with a humidifier can reach rain forest humidity levels…water dripping off things…it is scary when you think of all the electricity involved.
Especially small tents!
put as many electrical devices outside the tent if you can.
if you don’t intend to use CO2, cut holes in the walls of your tent and vent things thru them, keep the heaters and humidifiers outside.