Grow room 2/vege

ILGM OG-kush. soaked 10/9/18 put in soil 10/11/18 and this is what they look like today 11/7/18. Awesome strong plant and strain. Can I use Human grade trace minerals to feed these plants ? all suggestions are welcome 1st time grower here. Thanks.


I don’t know anything about using human grade minerals (like centrum?) and marijuana. Your plant is exhibiting some stress. What kinda soil are you using and what are the ingredients? Also do you pH the water for your plant?

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sodium 1.2 mcg
calcium 380 mcg
chromium 3 mcg
iodine .6 mcg
magnesium 1200 mcg
potassium 2 mcg
phosphorous 100 mcg
selenium 9 mcg
zinc 40 mcg
fluvic acid 39,000 mcg
recommended 10 drops per 8 oz’s of purified water.

these are the ingredients I mentioned. Thanks.

I am going to guess no. There may be some value, but I recommend getting nutrients designed for plants, or even better, marijuana.

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thanks, tempting though since all these ingredients are used in the nutes I use to feed…lol. Happy frog liquids the big 3…lol.