Grow Marijuana with the Hydroponic method

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m planning to grow Marijuana with the Hydroponic method. Those are my questions:

According to you, what’s the best nutrients to use during the 3 stages of growth.

How can I optimize the temperature inside the box?

How can I increase the cannabonoïd or THC in my buds

what size should have my box for 300 grammes of dry buds

Is the curing really necessary? If yes, what’s your recommendation .

I would suggest growing in coco coir. It’s like soil but doesn’t have any nutrients but those you add. So you have total control like wet hydro, but you don’t have to mess with pumps, bubblers, etc. Just water to waste 30% every day with nutrient solution. Put your cloth pots up on grates so the waste does not get soaked back up.
I use DynaGro and DynaGro Bloom. 1/2 strength Grow for seedlings. Very cheap and easy. Always adjust to pH 5.8 with vinegar. My tap water is okay, otherwise use RO water with CalMag added.
Start with good seeds for a high THC strain. ILGM has lots of advice.
1 meter square should give you 300 grams dry easily.
Harvest when trichomes start to turn amber. Dry until stems snap instead of bend. Cure in glass jars which makes it much smoother smoke.
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