Grow lights for seedlings or window sun?

My seeds have just popped up and I’m wondering if I can put them in the sunny window during the day instead of using the grow lights?

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Windows don’t generally provide enough light. But, if you have a window in direct sun you can try. If it stretches just put it back under the light.

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Why not just keep it where it is


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They’ll need at least 18 preferably 24 hours of light. Do you have that much sun? I’m moving there!

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And CFL’s will work good at night

I left them under the grow lights, don’t want them to become gangly.

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It’s my first grow, and I thought I had lots of sun in my warm window sills. Not even close. Unless you’re in the tropics, artificial light will cause less stretching. As soon as I put mine under lamps, they stopped stretching and started really growing.


Alaska has that much daylight… in the summer :sunglasses:

Is direct sunlight ok for seedlings that have just popped out of the dirt ?

Is there a proper distance to keep for the light. Is a proper number of hours for the light for the seedings?

@DavidM Most of us use CFls or t5 florescent lights and put the lights from 8" to 12" away from the seedlings with an on time of 18 hours and an off time of 6 hours. Some even use 24 hours on.


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@OldSkunk what spectrum of CFL for seedlings? Looking to build a little setup.

Sorry. Don’t come to the free side often. I used 5000k and 6400k in veg.

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