Grow Journal 2024

Ok, not sure about yall growing outside in the Northeast, but the bugs are abundant this year…

Green span catapillars (very small, almost microscopic)
Japanese beetles (everywhere)
Leaf hoppers (fast little suckers)
Aphids and ants
Maybe some spider mite damage too, ugh.

So I was treating with neem oil (lost coast plant therapy) and was working up till now. However the volume of bugs made me take it to another level last night.

Treated with a round of “7” bug killer. Should take care of all of the species thay are around. Have used 8 and Jacks in the past, might go back to jacks if the 7 doesnt work.

But saw a noticeable decrease in buga thia morning. The 7 should last for a bit, but im keeping a close eye on them.

Now onto the next heat wave…85-100 degrees for the next 10 days, ugh

Stay cool my friends.

Weekly pic update.

Truly the luckiest boy in the world.

These don’t show how large these plants are in person.

Thinking about individual trellis nets…anyone have experience?
I worry the nets will hold moisture after it rains. Supposedly the one i bought is nylon…maybe less of an issue with nylon?

They look great!!..Arent you guys supposed to get those Cicadas again or something… :laughing: I’m lovin that wooded area in your background…Im sure those bugs do too…I hate caterpillars…I want them to die… :fire: :rofl: Your plants are doing great keep posting!!

I’m pretty new, but I think I read that bugs will eventually get used to Neem oil and it’s good to alternate with other treatments (Jacks, etc…) Are you mixing with soap? That seems to be another popular option.

Plants got drenched yesterday, today 100 degree and sunny. Gave compost tea this morning and the plants seem to love that stuff.

Update pics
Girls in the ground getting bushy

Big blue, 35 gal bag

Girls in 7gal bag’s

Late starts, and late late starts…latest are small possibilities of root bound and transplant shock…not sure if these will produce…fingers crossed.