Grow Journal 101

Thanks to everyone here, you guys are so willing to share your advice to us newbies and we appreciate it! It makes learning much more fun and interesting. I just put the sprout in soil. Used a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and pearlite. Put it in a 2x2x4 tent with 2 150W sodiums out the wall lights about 3" above. Temp is about 79F and humidity is around 59/61. This is my first real grow journal and I am going to try and keep it updated. My first indoor grow in over 35 years with some WW and NYC Turbo had some great results, but not as great as possible. I have no idea what seed this is since it came in a Happy Outdoor mix pack, but that may be half the fun…will see what the ride becomes.


Set to watch. :+1:

Sodiums @ 3" ???

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Hopefully they meant 3’ :v: