Grow in north Texas

For growing outdoors in Texas,how long does a grow season last?

It depends on the strain. A season might be as long as 6 months, maybe even more, if conditions are right. You can start most strains in early spring, if you want large plants, and keep them healthy until about August to late September, when the dark will be long enough, some strains need a solid 12 hours of darkness to flower and many will start to flower with around 10 to 11 hours of darkness. The average equinox for most of north america is Sept. 25, the first solid 12 hours of night in the beginning of Autumn. You can continue to grow as long as temperatures permit. You can find the detailed info on your exact equinox online or from a local observatory or even a local farmer’s almanac which will have good info on temperature ranges in your area.

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IN the commercial greenhouse business. We tend to propagate in late June or Early to late July; Depending on the length each “cultivar” takes to vegetate. Here we can grow until late December before 3-4 days of cold kill the plants.

So; An Indica which takes approximately 16 weeks to grow can be started in July, and will have the ability to fully mature in. (clones have a shorter total time from start to finish).

Sativa plants can take from 5-8 months, depending on genetic background. Hybrids fall in between this entire range; Depending on the dominate pheno.

This info is based on a full 8 weeks of vegetation. Then approx. 8 weeks of flower for Indica; And, 12-16 weeks for Sativa. All Indica, Sativa, and, Hybrids will finish in their own time. The way to monitor and come to the best time to flush, and harvest is by reading the color of the trichomes. (Clear, Cloudy, Amber)

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