Grow Area "Sections"

I have a dedicated grow area that is approximately 8’ x 4’ in my basement. I only use about 4’ x 4’ to grow. It is winter where I am so the temps in my basement are around 62-66. I have seedlings now in a humidity dome with a heat mat which is keeping the plants in optimal range.

As i get ready to transplant, I am looking at ways to only have to heat a portion of the room to save on cost until the plants are larger. Has anyone ever used a larger plastic storage bin to create a larger vegetative area?

I have extra PVC and was also thinking of building a temporary wall or structure area to help contain the heat better.

Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


I bought a 6x12 greenhouse I have mylar and old sleeping bags and things maintains the light heat through the night.


You could build a room out foam insulation board on the cheap some 2x4s and duct tape


Hps light or maybe cmh, the hps will make more heat though.
But many people in your situation use hps and cmh in cold basements, garages or storage sheds in winter and leds in summer… or even just a small heater pointed at an intake vent could help at lights off using a timer for it to come on when lights go off …



Is this something you just clip up at night and remove in the AM?


I am working with LED’s and didn’t want to invest in a different light set up. Once the plants are bigger and I have the three leds going, it is warm enough, its just getting to that point.


I was thinking of either making a small section out PVC and mylar that I could enclose the area. Foam board is a good idea as well.


No they are connected at all times they work good for that couldnt find ine to do both in the range is why I have the 3.

(Inkbird) from Amazon

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U haul sells 2x2x6 wardrobe boxes around 15.00 with clothes rail in top of box to hang a light. Just an idea.

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Home Depot sells 4 X 8 sheets of Styrofoam; white and aluminized. Easy to cut, inexpensive and rigid.

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When storage gets built, insulation, blue board, silver side foam board. 2x4s for framing

Liquid nail or caulking to seal every surface joint?

EAGLE PEAK 8’x6’ Portable Walk-in Greenhouse Instant Pop-up Indoor Outdoor Plant Gardening Green House Canopy, Front and Rear Roll-Up Zipper Entry Doors and 2 Large Roll-Up Side Windows, Green
This is similar to mine but taller

I actually would like hidden room amoungst storage if possible. 4x4 similar, grow winter months, have 23 great potency auto seeds to grow. Goal is to get 20 ozs and chill, someday photos.

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