Grow # 3 og kush auto 2 for 2

So far so good. 2 days old and sprouted :muscle:

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Off to a good start. Best of luck

The Blue-Plate specials! LOL

Looking good.

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Thanks folks. I’m looking forward to these after a bad run of super skunk autos that didn’t work

Think I’ll name em Bonnie sue and betty lou😉

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Bahahaha great names my man. :beers: to Bonnie n Bettie

Betty Lou is the smaller one on the left

People that name their plants crack me up, Grow big and strong Bonnie n Bettie :clown_face: Watching

It all helps. Name em and sing em a little song while watering

Just never name them a dudes name, that’s bad luck! Hermie for sure LOL

And never name them Hermie!

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16 days oldBettieBonnie Sue



31 days and now 3 for 3

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Uploading…36 days and crankin

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Spread those legs ladies… spread those… whoops. I mean bush out girls… wait… keep growing maam or sir :joy::joy:

That’s funny man I’m a sir but you don’t have to call me sir. Everyone calls me Shafe. Can’t believe how much growing these girls have done in the last 2 weeks. I’ve tried fimming but the low stress like this seems to work the best. I’ll keep the pics coming.:herb::herb::herb:

Yup LST is the way to go regardless. Usually in addition to the other techniques. Just cant find a bad thing about it. The girls love it.

N the maam or sir was just me being politically correct n playing on my backpedaling earlier. Good to know tho bro :facepunch:t5:

51 days for Bonnie and Betty and 31 for billie


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happy looking gals this morning