GreenThunder 4x4 tent-QB

It’s crude but I did it! I made a rooting unit :seedling::sunglasses:

About half way through I realized 2" pots are probably too small. I need to pick up a power strip (to replace the one I relocated) before I can get it going. Always something.

I have a dual port air pump but one side isn’t working… ugh. I’m sure one port will be plenty but it’s it ok to run like that?


I still need to replace the air pump but it was time to put this thing to work…


Back to the tent for a minute…

Grape Ape clone is going crazy!! She was moved into the tent for flowering 9 days ago. I let her veg too long because of procrastination and then being sick so I’ve had to do a lot of defoliation. She’s going through a half gallon a day!

Laughing Buddha was flipped 60 days ago and takes 10-12 weeks so I’ve set a reminder to check her trichs in a couple weeks (can’t remember a thing on my own so I tell my phone to remind me… and it does!!)

Her buds are so heavy I’ve had to tie some of them to the ceiling! For the first several weeks I had to tie her branches down because they were getting so tall.

A couple of super hero girls have settled in to offer encouragement :sunglasses:


Watching! Great looking girls!

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Lights out shots from above

Psycho clone (hydro)

Laughing Buddha (coco)


Out of likes but looks great! Here’s my new journal. Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2


Gonna be a lot of nice colas there!


That laughing buddha looks like a champ! Those buds are beautiful. Excellent grow u got rolling


Awe thanks! This is the first time I’ve had to support buds from the ceiling :sunglasses:

One branch was bent/broken so I cut it off and trimmed it up

This is one of the colas


Absolutely effing insane!!! Awesome work man. I wanna smell that tent!!

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I’ll need to change the name of this journal soon… I ordered 2 260w xl qb to replace the HPS


Very nice!

@dbrn32 is leading a freaking revolution! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Vive le QBs!


UGH!! I ordered 260 XL and the heat sinks are not xl :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I sent an email and I’m sure they’ll exchange the short ones for the xl but I really wanted to put them up tonight


Yup, definitely not what you wanted there.

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I’m sure they’ll make it right I’m just bummed to have to wait. Of course growing is all about waiting so I’m not unfamiliar, that doesn’t mean I like it :wink:
The led panels are the same as the xl, I think…

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I called, twice, because I didn’t get a reply to my email nor a follow up on the first call. The guy said the replacements were sent and that they’d email the tracking number.

In happier news, it’s harvest day for Laughing Buddha!! Taking a break at a little more than half done. Main cola is 135g and the total so far is 570!!


Congrats on the excellent harvest.

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Beautiful cola! WOW!!! Congrats tho. Well done :+1:t5:

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