Greenpoint, Useful, Katsu, GreenHouse, DutchP & More

What up 420 fam?
Haven‘t been on here in a while, moved back to Michigan and started fresh with 6 Alaskan Thunder F**** clones.
Just got 6 Purple Canyon (Topanga OGKush x PurplePunch) from Greenpoint seeds breaching the surface today. 1 OrangeCookiesXChocolateDiesel useful seed, and 1 bandaidHazeX’98BubbaKush Katsu seed also breached. All feminized.

Seeds I have:
-Alaskan ThunderFuck clones (6)
-TopangaOGxPurplePunch (6)
-OrangeJuiceXCookies X chocolate diesel (10)
-Bandaid Hazex98bubbaKush (3)
-Super Lemon Haze (6)
-Hawaiian Haze (1)
-White Widow x Haze (1)
-Grandaddy Purple x Orange Bud (1)
-White Strawberries (1)
-Sour Diesel x OG Kush (1)
-Blue Sherbert x Gelato 33 (1)
-BlueBerry x ThinMintGirlScoutCookies (1)
-BlueBerry x BubbleGum x Black Domina 1
-Autoflower Northern Lights (1)
-Purple Punch x Geist OG (1)
-Platinum Cookies (1)
-Skittelz x Critical Mass (1)
-Purple Urkle x TrainWreck#4
-AK47 (ColombianxMexicanxThaixAfghan)
-G13 x BlueBerryHeadBand (1)

Any questions on breeder names just ask, I can look. Also eyeing down tropicana cookies from Oni. I recently prepared some samples of Tropicanna cookies from a Michigan cultivation company in the lab this week, and it was stanky. Cant wait until we run it for terpenes and potency, its great to see analytics on the best strains out there first hand.


Looks like a nice seed collection!

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Always nice to see another Michigander on here. Looks like you have your legal limit for the state. That’s tough to do. Lol.
Happy growing. :seedling:

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Yup, finishing horticulture at MSU, working at one of the weed testing labs. I’ve got the ‘legal limit’ starting flower today with some extra space to add from my veg tent in 30 days, I harvest monthly.

Hoping Alaskan thunderf*** doubles size flowering, these clones from further genetics in Ann Arbor vegged slow. Typical Ann Arbor… East Lansing clones are probably kick ass :laughing:

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