Greenhouse or tent

like to here from growers out that have opinion and outdoor to I’ve done all. Like to here from u guys and I’ll give my opinion

No comparison. An average size greenhouse will pump out poundage. We are talking pickup loads vs little Red Riding Hoods basket

Problems with outdoor growing are too much for me. Security is a big deal for most, then bugs, weather, etc. Greenhouse may help with some of that, but unless you are living in most ideal location and climate will still eventually get to you. Or you will spend just as much as getting indoor grow going. All of the variables with outdoor growing usually leas to a hit in bud quality too. All the locally grown verifiable outdoor buds around here are spindly looking and pretty airy. I could pretty easily pick a bag of outdoor grown weed out of a lineup. Maybe different in different part of the country though.

Only problem with indoor grows is cost of getting setup and running, and you need to keep clean. The cost pretty much is what it is. Someone who does their homework will usually get out of grow what they put into their equipment. The cleanliness is slightly different issue. You have to keep your grow room clean for sure. But you also want to make sure you keep yourself free from bringing in bugs and potential diseases.


Hard call. I agree with @dbrn32. I have more control indoors but there is something to be said about the simplicity of outdoors. Greenhouses can cause problems with humidity unless you spend some $$$ on fans and ventilation.

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