Green Bulb Selection

Is pretty much any green bulb suitable for use in preventing photosynthesis?

I’m not convinced that a green coating actually delivers the proper wavelengths.

Having a hard time finding anything that isn’t a simple green coating of the light bulb on Amazon.

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Are you wanting to use to see plants while lights are off.

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Yes, sir.

The reason I was asking is because I purchased a headlamp for checking on plants. I used it several times and was happy with it. Here’s the one bought.


Thank you!

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I’ve got a pic of plants with it

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Very nice. I’m not going to use it for my girls. I’ve had a problem with my cubensis spawns developing pins way too early and contaminating the jars. I only check my spawns once or twice a day. I’ve thrown out probably 30% of my jars and wanted to use green lighting to see if it helps prevent early pinning.

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I got my light today. Love it!

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Thats the one I picked up. Works great. Vivosun has alot of good products at reasonable prices