GREE dehumidifier recall, 450 fires!

Sold Walmart Sam’s Club, and other big box stores, check to see if you have one, almost 20 million dollars in property damage from over 450 fires!

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Dam that is some scary stuff

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Gonna check my grand daughters…wow!:fearful:

I just heard on the news and looked it up apparently this has been going on for a while but they say people don’t know about it and they’re not bringing them back, and it’s an ongoing problem so I want to toss it up for this crew

Good thinking Captain! I hope everybody takes a moment and check their own and the people they love, make sure they don’t have these in the house


I’m ordering a pond fogger in the near future
can use far bigger res and they can pump out mist super fast

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That’s some innovative thinking ! :thumbsup:

…would it be able to be regulated, maybe with a dimmer switch ?

I’m certain if I look hard enough I will be able to find one which can that is just an example but 2 benefits I can see already not fussy about water type and not limited on tank size so less refills and tap water :wink:

Just dug out the grand daughters and it is Vicks…phew

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