Grasshoppers in my Greenhouse

I’ve been finding an occasional grasshopper here and there inside my Greenhouse some small signs of leaf damage but not very much but starting to worry if more grasshoppers show up what should I do

I am 3-4 weeks away from harvest I’m wondering if I can/ should use incect repellent at this stage of the game if I start seeing bugs like grasshoppers or catapillers

I’ve had hoppers around, but they do very little damage. They don’t seem to like eating the leaves, they just hang out in the pole occasionally taking a nibble. As long as there’s not a huge amount of them, I’d leave them alone.

Yeah that’s kind of what Ive been seeing
I have so many other things growing around my garden that the Grasshoppers really love
I planted those just to give the grasshoppers something to eat