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I do like hash, and am gonna have a fair amount of herb here shortly. Does a water cure (with the idea of using the herb solely for hash after) help with keeping it clearer then?


Not sure I understand. The water clearer? That just means no more spores are dying off, if, it has remained clear for 7-10 days.


Yes it did have a loss of flavor the stuff i sampled for sure and much more smoother as @Caligurl mentioned
Maybe your right @budbrother
Maybe it was placebo effect
I appreciate your wealth of knowledge :pray:
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I usually make hash out of the kief that falls through the screen on the trim bin and the first batch is usually pretty free of chlorophyll but the more I shake the bin the more plant material I get. Just wondering if the water cure would make it a cleaner collection.


Lazy time saver hash method:

Place bud in mason jar and put into freezer over night

Whenever later, take a 45 micron ice hash bag out to break the buds into. Fold the silk screen like this. So you don’t loose the hash in a second.

Now, Take jar out freezer (the bud breaks up loosely, easy AF) into the bag.

Pull string closed and return to freezer for 1-2 hrs (min) till however long.

Whenever later, lay out a sheet of parchment. Crease in center and then unfold.

Take bag from freezer and remove clip over parchment.

For no more than 15-20 seconds, Gently (2 finger bounce) the still closed top. Don’t go hard at it by any means. You’ll learn quickly after 1-2 try’s at it.

It’ll snow like Xmas for that 15-20 seconds onto the parchment before it starts thawing.

Return to freezer 1-2 hrs.

Ok, sometimes I can’t wait for another joint and cheat at 45 mins, but I do wait once the color starts to change (3rd shakin’)
I always have a bag fur shakin’ in the freezer.

Running trim method:

The process is same, but you place it right into the bag. Freeze overnight. Get ta shakin’

:call_me_hand:t3: smoke more hash now y’all :v:t3:Keep up :dash:


No real point to doing that. What you’d wanna get into is hand rubbed, to control the greening. Then there’s static sifting to remove all the plant matter. It gets deeper quickly.

Freeze it like mentioned above. When you freeze Cannabis, trichome heads, get brittle and break off. They’ll gum the screen if thawed (wet). The method above will give you blonde hash, for the first 2 shakes. From there, as in any hash method, you will begin to see greening

Also, don’t shake your bin or bounce on the screen. . That forces the green through. You’re just wanting the heads, so it’s all about letting them fall through that screen.



Found five more jars with mold! These are getting a water cure and turned into hash.

Tarzan took them to the basement pantry when a contractor came over not realizing there was a slice of fruit in each jar for hydration. Those that had a boveda pack were just fine.

Lesson learned but salvageable in the end. .


I wish I could say that I hadn’t done similar before. Unexpected guests annoy me.

Sorry for clogging your thread with reply’s. I’d be fed up by now with me. I’ll move future question/answers to an ol’ topic, or respond on theirs. Again, apologies for any disruption on my part.


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I started the water cure last night. Seven jars total (10-14 ounces of product).

I replaced the water today - here is what it looked like.

Too bad we don’t have smellavision! Cross between rotting fruit and turpentine.

I just need to rinse and repeat daily until the water is clear. Then dry and call my hash making buddy.

Any thoughts on adding a wee bit of hydrogen peroxide since it is a great oxidizer?


Oooooh yes, I learned my lesson about putting orange slices in a jar… you can’t leave them in their more than a day or two or they start to mold. I like to use fresh leaves but I don’t have those around anymore so Boveda packs it is (I use Grove bags, but occasionally, they need a humidity boost.


I would just use water… I tried adding h202 once and it made it all weird.


Next rinse.

Getting lighter!


You definitely don’t want to confuse this methods of curing with a bud wash. Completely different concepts.

It seems like you should have hit your flowers with a bud was before you started your water cure. Now your buds are submerged and soaking in the nasty mess you are trying to get rid of. That’s where that dark colored water is coming from
The bud washing is ment to remove any unwanted dust, pests, pesticides, mold ect.

If you are experiencing mold in your dried buds then maybe a good bud wash is what you need. Heck idk :upside_down_face: I just want you ti have the best smoke humanly possible. Lol

Water curing is ment to smoothen the taste of harsh flower and speeds up the curing process. But has some nasty down falls to it.

THCA and CBDA are not water soluble and wore be effect by this. The terpenes on the other hand are highly water soluble and will decrease fast. Causing an inferior product that is less flavorful then it could have been.

Water curing removes a lot of these desirable little terpene molecules. You will actually decrease the aroma and flavor of your product due to removing terpenes.
But…. The smoke itself will probably smoother and less noticeable to people around you. Kinda of a trade off.

Water curing is aimed to be done at harvest. To initially save time on the overall drying and curing process. Technically not the best way ti preserve the overall flower.

Happy farming… :evergreen_tree: :man_farmer: :owl: :sun_with_face: :upside_down_face:


Awesome information!

When I get home tonight I’ll rethink what to do. At least the soaking and straining has allowed me to remove the material that started the mold problem.

RH was low so I had added a slice of apple or a bit of orange (out of boveda packs).

Contractor was coming over so my husband took it to the basement pantry. I completely forgot about it and Tarzan went to grab a jar and that is when we discovered seven jars with mold.

Thank you again for the advice.


I am going continue the water cure. Might as well finish what I started.

I am going to mark the jars as water cured in case Tarzan decides to try a smoke of it. Otherwise canna oil.

I don’t see any mold now.

Recent rinse water color.

I started reading about terpenes (again). Moist are oils and don’t dissolve in water but others are partially soluble. Although a google site I found says the opposite and that article is commonly shared on other forums.

If all terpenes were water soluble wouldn’t rainwater wash them all away in outdoor grows?

Many of you know I make extracts from a lot of other plant materials and have researched extraction of terpenes. Alcohol is one of the best for the highest recovery of terpenes. Go QWET!

Enough said until I research more.


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4th soak and rinse. Combined water from all seven jars.

Asking for a friend :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is clear supposed to look like clean water?


Nice save!


Yes, it should be clear. I’ve tried it 3 different times and once, the water actually started getting worse so I knew something went awry and dumped it but the other times took over 5-7 days to clear up.