Grafting question?

Are there any good root stock plants? If so, which one is best for which strain?

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What is a root stock plant?

I’ve never heard of someone grafting a cannabis plant. It really isn’t feasible with a plant that has a life that is measured in weeks.

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Although grafting isnt talked about when it comes to cannabis, it doesnt mean its not possible.

How many branches have been snapped, only hanging by 20% of it branch, only to be tape back up.

 It is a art form, using special paring knife.

An auto with 4 different buzzes.


A root stock plant would be one that you’re only looking for the root system because of its vigorous growth, disease resistance, and/or heartiness.

I’m looking (photoperiod plants only) to see if there is any plant (example: big bud has a great root system and grows a large quantity) that I can then graft another one to (example: Bruce Banner for its higher levels) to both produce more and have vigor in its grow cycle.

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One of our old moderators @Donaldj was doing some grafting a few years ago. First attempt didn’t work but unfortunately he hasn’t been around since to say if he was ever successful with grafting


Root stock to which something can be grown from. Technically, cloning is a form of root stock, it can be rooted from the stem. It also pertains to stems which can be cut and rooted, ie…cloned.

The second term, memory fails me pertains to dominant roots, can be stored, then planted, bare root stock, is their names.

We bought from Burgess a dwarf fruit cocktail tree with peaches plums apricots, nectarines. One tree.
Then moved, this years took a beating getting delivered and planted. No go.


I saw Fieldofdreams thread making a clone bucket.

New place trying to get trumpet vines, honey suckles in the ground for hummingbirds can be costly when buying potted, the larger the plant, normally comes with larger price tag.

We took cuttings from honeysuckles, and look.

Learning is saving money in alot of places.


I got cloning under wraps, but I’m looking for new taste, different euphoria, and some vision (quest that is) to get me to new hi(eghts).