Got some auto zkittles on the way

Wondering if anyone has grown these yet and if so how good does FFOF work for them? I’m gonna be ordering some FFOF and some grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom for minimal use. Trying to be more organic and only have to worry about putting ph water balanced where I need it and watch the ppm level also. Anybody have any tips for them?

Too hot, layer it with light warrior solo cup for sprouts then go ocean forest.

Or solo cup light warrior 1/3 happy frog 2/3 ocean forest

I’ve used nothing but FFOF. Some people will tell you it’s hot or too hot. I’ve never had that issue with it. I’m not discrediting their experience or opinion. You won’t need any nutes in the FFOF for at least 4-6 weeks, at this point you will have to listen to your plants. When you do start feeding you could be anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 to full strength. I also use the FF trio that you mentioned.

I haven’t grown the zkittles yet, I have the beans and they are going to be in my next grow.

Good Luck!


Thanks. I’m thinking about getting some FFOF and mixing it with some coco+perlite. But the FFOF seems to have perlite and everything needed. So it seems simpler to just get the FFOF and just use big bloom and tiger bloom and the other when the notes are low about 6 weeks in… right now I was too anxious and had e a very ghetto little grow going on with some ak47 and it’s honestly probably going to be a small yield. But I got the seeds and didn’t wanna wait till I had everything, since after all it is possible to grow all organic. I’m thinking of mixing some wood ash into some water after I boil down some banana peels and using that to feed my ghetto little ak.