Got excite bought a scorpion

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Thanks. 4weeks to go on GSCX looking good but need more light. Thinking maybe 4 scrogged :gorilla:glue next. Last time had 6 got bit squishy in ther got bit of mold. Temp and rh much better this time. Once sort that and keep it stable might have crack at co2. Exciting times​:metal:t2: Be good take care see you all again soon.


Very nice light, congrats!

Scorpion arrive today. What a beast of a thing. They quit large eh. Fun times🇦🇺

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Given the size of your foot they re smaller then I thought it would be I figured it would be like 3 260 xl welded together , but still gorgeous light I’d get one if I could

Gidday mate. Need to know your thoughts. Kick arse lights. You being the guru would you do something similar?