Got a Frosty Nug Sensation - WWA for 2nd grow

So nice to grow legal in Michigan! Germination started on WWA’s the day we voted growing and possession legal at state level, 11/7/18. Incredible feeling to legally grow a plant that has been so healing for our family. It’s been 14 weeks since germination, ready to harvest next week after seeing a few amber trichomes.

Grow Cabinet:

  • 64” tall x 64” wide x21” deep wrapped with reflector insulation
  • 140 cfm Hurricane inline fan with Phresh carbon filter/air scrubber
  • Sun System HPS 150 watt - 16,000 Lumens
  • Sunblaze 21 T5 - 24 watt (4 lights) - 2,000 Lumens (8,000 total)
  • Fabric Pots 5 gal
  • Ocean Forrest Soil
  • Flora Series Performance Pack Nutrients

Photo about 8 weeks from germination. The plant on right had mag deficiency and growth was stunted. But she has seemed to limp along and do okay. Learning more with each grow and info at ILGM. So thankful! :sunglasses:


12 weeks from germination:

14 weeks from germination:



I hope mine looks like that some day. I have another month to get to 14-weeks.


Something to look forward to! Im at a month from sprout


I’m only at 3weeks from sprout can’t wait to get where you are. Hoping to have beautiful girls like you!!

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Thanks you all! So thankful for ILGM’s help!

great looking plants @CutTheCord… from just north of indiana by I69. i also went with the WW but took the fems. good to see another michigander and i waited until February to get started on a whim. great to see your effort has brought forth fruits :sunglasses:

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