Gorilla tent shipping question

Quick question can anyone tell me if you bought a gorilla tent, is the box logoed or does it say grow tent? I’m trying to be as low key as possible. Please tell me it comes in a plain box!


I would think so. It may mention on their site.

I searched the entire site, couldn’t find any information on discrete shipping. I’m hoping it’s a plain brown box.

Email them

Yes I’m going to give them a call today. Will let people know what I hear. Surprised that nobody who recently bought one responded here. Not a sexy topic I guess :joy:. All kidding aside I will find out and post the answer here so in the future someone else wanting to know can do a search.


If you happen to find out any discount codes or promos for their 2x4’s DEFINITELY drop the info lol

This is what I see most of the time from those who ordered a gorilla tent.
You should expect a brand label on the outside.
Putting it in a second box would require someone to manufacture a special box and thats not likely to happen.

Sorry bought mine last grow, cant remember the box lables.

Perhaps use the store locator and see if any grow shops near you have one you could just buy locally.
Depending on the store they should be willing to match an amazon price. They wont have to ship it.
Worth a try I think. I have ordered several things and most are not stealth anymore. I live in a fairly rural area so only the carrier really sees it.

Mine all came from amazon and just said amazon. If someone did read tent they would likely assume camping anyway

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My Gorilla tent was fully branded and labeled up. Bought mine from a local grow supplier. Be careful with Amazon. They are not always the cheapest on items like this. They have to make up margins for all the China crap they sell to morons.

Thanks I bought mine directly from their website. They had like 10% off. It’s coming today so I will send pictures of the box.

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I’d be very surprised if the Gorilla tents WEREN’T made in China also.

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Thats the one i have.

Congrats on the tent. They really are worth the money and you will have it for years.

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I just purchased a Gorilla 4×4 lite on the June 16th and its not even marked for shipping yet.
I ordered straight from them. How long before they ship it? I tried to call them but just get a recording. I opened 2 support tickets by emailing them but no reply. They don’t communicate very well. I needed this tent yesterday!
Isvthis a solud company or am i going to get jipped? They dont answer my emails.