Gorilla Glue and Banana Kush Autoflowers my first ILGM seeds

Things are going well :smiley:

We’re about 5 weeks 6 days in.

February 10 – March 23, 2022


Looks great! Welcome! Glad you’re having success!!! Lots of great knowledge from awesome growers here if you have any questions or anything. Also have monthly contests here on the forum for free seeds! Good luck and happy growing!!


Guess I should mention:

I am using:

Canna-Coco Pro+
0 PPM RO water
Hydroponic Research Veg+Bloom.
Hydroponic Research Push every 5 days.
20 ML of Terpinator per 8 or so gallons. (keeping it low)
Started around 200 PPM we’re at 1100 PPM now

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Welcome to ILGM forum :+1: You made a friend as soon as I saw your name. :slightly_smiling_face:

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welcome to the community. awesome name


6.8 weeks in… Was sad to cut tiny buds off :frowning: