Good seed genetics

Besides ilgm where is a reliable place to get seeds with good genetics that deliver to the US?

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I only use ILGM and Greenpoint Seeds.

Greenpoint sells regular seeds. Right now most are pre-order waiting on the next generation.

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I only got one seed from elsewhere
I got it from seedsman dot com and it grew

It started off rough so I don’t know if they have”good” genetics per se, but it did not fail, so that was good

Shipping took quite a while though (a few weeks I believe it was)

I have also gotten seeds from seed man and 420 seeds with no problems but ILGM transactions just seam to go faster and smoother

Cropking seeds, attitude seeds and ethos seeds.

Try sticky seeds uk they have good genetics i get mine from there all the time and there prices are great ,this white widow auto is from sticky seeds its wizard genetics

I’ve been buying from Greybeard dot you know what and they have seeds from a bunch of breeders and they have one hell of a sale going on. They’ve made some changes and don’t accept cc anymore which pisses me off but I’ve ordered 5 or 6 times with no issues

I have friends that recommend these guys and I trust my friends 100%
SeedSupreme dot you know what … they ship from the US and get to your door within 2 weeks

I’ve used seed Supreme, use discreet shipping so there’s not hang up in customs, these are shipped from across the pond.

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Amsterdammarijuanaseeds dot com. From across pond as well