Gone for 5 days unexpectedly Help trouble

Thanks everyone, so GSCX autos from ILGMA 6 weeks from sprout had to leave town work, wife had to leave town for work, so came home to this
Pics will go P1,p2,p3 I have ppm pen and ph pen so have numbers think I know what it means but still learning. So I watered and added some nutes I have for garden don’t have anything special, I thought something better then nothing. It’s 8-16-8 gives me great squash, peppers and tomatoes.
test results
P1 6.2 ph out 1550 ppm out, 290 in 4 cups, nutes 720 in 2 cups no r/o

P2 5.9 ph out, 1510 ppm out , 290 in4 cups, nutes 720 in 2 cup s no r/0

P3 6.3 ph out, 1150 ppm out, 290 in6 cups

Nutes 2 1/2 cups in 720 no r/o





Everyone back in there house thanks for all tips
P1,p2 about 13 inches tall p3 18 that’s the in front took more water to get r/o thanks again everyone


They look pretty good to me


They’re fine. You can trim the yellow leaves. They won’t help you. You’ve got some droopy leaves going on. How long were you without feeding them? They should perk back up once you get back on schedule.

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Last water 9/3 good gallon 1/2 water 1/2 xtreme gardening micro brew, it’s free pay shipping sample pack 8 $. 8/28 last nutes same stuff listed above, thanks good to hear that there just thirsty, post a pic in morning bet they look much better, thanks again

@Eli @OGIncognito thanks for the molasses tip looking for some, here’s an update u can see topic any more tips would be welcome

Hey man - I think they are looking good but going 9 days without water seems too long, especially as you have COCO in your medium. Add unsulfured molasses to your next watering, that should pop them back. Mine get pretty dried after 2-3 days so I assume yours were very dry if last watering was 9/3. looking good!

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Surprisingly look healthy, you must have some good environmental conditioning. Agree with @Eli and will add feed or water to run off. Test it for several feedings. Drying in coco that long will create. Salt build up, watering to 10-15% run off will help with that. Nice job, I would have never got that lucky :love_you_gesture:. You should look into Jacks 321, I bought a 6 ounce bag of part a and b for $25 bucks. Simple to mix, if you’re using tap water, get the Jacks for tap. The best nutrients I’ve used so far.