Gold Leaf - With and without oxygen

I decided to run a test to see whether airdomes (like airstones) used in autopots are worthwhile. I used two Gold Leaf seeds.

The plant with no airdome was a little smaller when I started, but she appears much smaller still. But more interesting to me is that she started fading colors much quicker. I’m over a week into flush and here is the non-air dome girl:

Meanwhile, my girl with the airdome only started changing colors today.

Is this just a sign that the first plant matured faster? Or should I ignore the color fade in the leafs? (I am monitoring the trics for harvest).

@Screwauger or @Blasting… any ideas on airdomes?


Cant be really tested well unless you used two clones from the same mother, probably two different phenotypes of gold leaf so its hard to really tell a difference this way.

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Even clones will grow with differences.