Gold Leaf, Super Skunk SCROG

(8) Plants. (5) Gold Leaf, (3) Super Skunk. 1,000 HPS/mH, 12,000-14,000 ppm CO2, 70-85F. Soil 5-gallon


WoW…that looks awesome good job…all that had work and time is going to payoff…SWEEEEET !


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Day 8 Bloom.
2 Weeks Bloom
3 Weeks Bloom (major stretch) . Nice tight buds. 4 Weeks Bloom
5 Week Bloom


I like the way you took the pic’s

first pic…you see the 1x1
second pic… just starting to get covered
third pic…where is it





My apologies for now completing documenting the entire grow. Heath reasons made the end difficult. I ended with 4 1/2 once each Gold Leaf and Super Skunk of quality bud alone. Lots of popcorn trim for the freezer.

The gold leaf is cansider Brown weed

Hey, Jerry(atric) If you consider Gold Leaf as “Brown Weed” you obviously do not know How To Grow.

This is an awesome grow. However; It is not a SCROG. FYI. Happy Growing! :slight_smile: Love the pictorial essay.

I don’t know if I’d say it is not a ScrOG, it certainly does seem to missing a lot of the training – topping, LST, super-cropping and under-shucking/lolly-popping that would typically make for a ScrOG, but is hard to see if any of that was utilized with the screen. You could also kind of call it a SOG, by the loose definition, as it is numerous plants filling the entire space with greenery and tops.

By it strictest definition, ScrOG is using very few, or only one plant, topped early and grown in a martini glass shape of multiple tops, and lots of bending and training is used to fill the screen as evenly as possible, tying down longer tops keeping an even level canopy as well as the screen being thoroughly populated by “tops” before initiating flowering.

And by the strictest definition for SOG, the entire area is filled with numerous small single cola plants grown from the same mother plant as similar sized clones, so as when they are flowered they will each develop one massive cola only, maximizing your yeild per square foot.

In a ScrOG, typically each square of the screen is populated by one large cola trained from a branch creating the “top” – off of a branch from the single plant, or few plants below.

For over 20 years I have seen people describe SOG and ScrOG with much looser definitions. Even in High Times magazine they often call a grow like this a sea of green, even if it isn’t from single cola clones


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To tmcannabis I ask if it was Brown weed. I didn’t say that it was brow weed go back and read the weed in the old days was a Brown weed.

Well for one, @Jerry7352, you didn’t put a question mark, so how was anyone to know it was a question.

For another, no one knows what you mean by brown weed, I think @TMCannabis might have thought, as I also thought maybe you meant “dirt weed” or “ditch weed”.

But there did used to be a difference in the way weed was cured in different areas and often really strong weed was cured in large bundles in the sun like the way is the case with Moroccan hash or similar native styles, all the green would be gone in the curing process and the weed would look brown, but this would not necessarily be a bad thing…

So everyone remember how easy it is to misunderstand in text, especially when abbreviations are made, and nobody freak out or take offense, we recently had a misunderstanding similar to this that escalated for no good reason and probably lost two regulars, that other than the one indecent had been nice contributing members, so let’s not freak out and everybody stay friendly and continue help each other learn and grow.

peace and happy growing,



I didn’t mean anything bad I just like big red truck haha.I don’t curse at people I don’t talk bad to people.if it was taking that way I’m sorry it wasn’t meet to sound that way

(ps) I’m in Kentucky and it is seven o’clock here what time is in Amsterdam

All feedback Is good and what’s it’s about. I apologize for defending Robert but I have to admit that 18" buds of his White Widow and 9" buds of gold leaf and the Critical Kush from the Seedsman made for one hell of a harvest. 16+ ounces off 6 plants. I’ll snap a pic of the chamber now with stand alone plants 8 days into bloom. Temp 72-86F. 50-65% RHM, 1000 Watt 1000-1300 ppm CO2.

I don’t think anyone was taking your posts personally. It’s all good Jerry.

It is 1am tomorrow in Amsterdam, when it is 7pm EST tonight in Kentucky. You are EST, right?

+5 hours to UK
+6 hourd to Amsterdam
+13 hours to Australia

That pic is from 3 or 4 harvested ago, in a secondary Chamber. Current pics to come in
my AM.