Gold Leaf Ready?

Top of canopy, lots of amber - lower, not so much. Ideas - harvest top?

ProMix BX
Started flowering 12/12 cycle on 9/22 - Bergman’s plant food at 1/3 to 1/2 strength
So this is the start of the 7th week of flowering - I had this girl in veg for about 6 weeks to allow others to catch up to her.
Bottom fed, 2 liters per day (she sucked that down bone dry and never looked stressed - like I should give her more)

Did only 2 days of Bergman’s Plant Booster (at 1/2 strength) (N=0, P=27, K=27)

Looked at my Trichs and FREAKED OUT that I missed the moment…

Read about flushing, got Flawless Finish and did the last 3 days with that (then I read bottom feeders don’t need to be flushed - so I think that is probably another thread to read for this beginner)

This next one is from the bottom of the plant - off a bud, of course.

There are really not many colored pistals at all on her…

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Well the tricomes look brown and some milky, I think they are ready. Milky tricomes get you higher. Brown tricomes get you couch lock. I would sample some. Besides curing brings out the best in weed.

Thank you! Do you think maybe only the top of the plant? The bottom were pretty clear. Also, do you know about flushing? I only did 3 days - but the trichs looked pretty advanced…

Are those the leaves? You need to be looking at the calyxes


Ok, that’s an important (missed by me) point! I’ll take a look! Thanks!!


If your whole plant doesn’t appear to be ready you can do a staged harvest. Allowing what’s left on the plant to develop more and making the trim job a little easier.


Well how big do you want your bud to swell?I always thought I was harvesting too soon and the longer I let them grow, they kept getting thicker and browned pistels.


I see cloudy and clear trichomes, and no amber on the bud picture. I also see a lot of white pistils. I think you have time. Got picture of he whole plant? She looks great closeup.


I agree with @Sixpackdad. The bud shot has a lot of clear still. On my first 3 harvest, I was looking at the trichomes on the sugar leaves because I didn’t know any better. Therefore, I kept cutting them down too soon. Don’t make that mistake.

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All the gold leaf I have grown went 9 weeks. So that would put you at around November 29th. I start looking at trichomes 2 weeks before that. I wouldnt harvest anything yet. They still have a lot of filling in to do.


Excellent! Thank you all.

Do you bottom feed? She just took 750 mls in 2 hours - yikes…so I might have been underfeeding her.

Also, do you flush?

Thanks so much! Very helpful.