Gold Leaf harvest timing

The comments below are from your grow advice on the gold leaf seed blurb, does this mean I will get 7ft foot tall plants in 63 days?

Outside cultivation lets you nurture monster plants that can grow to be over 7 feet tall

the flowering period of Gold Leaf is about 54-63 days. This is how long it takes for these plants to mature completely and be ready to harvest.

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Negative. You have a possibility of getting a 7ft tall plant outside in veg until late spring through late summer. When the days start getting shorter. It will start to flower.

63 days from the sight of first pistils (inside or outside) to harvest is the approximate time from flower to finish. This time does NOT include veg time.
Veg time is the time from just after seedling (about 3-4 true leaves) until you shorten the light schedule to 12/12 to induce flowering.
Hope this helps @Medicalgrower happy growing.


Thanks Covert,
Its not that clear when trying to purchase the seeds, to me anyway :wink:
Sorry to be a pain but what do you think about the trichomes on these Gold leaf plants


Sorry and these Blueberry Autos


They are ready. Time to figure out your harvest strategy.


What would you advise My Friend

I will have 2 piles when I harvest i cut the branches off and then do the buds and have a compost pile for stems and fan leaves and another pile for sugar leaves so i can do butter and edibles or hash with. You will have to plan it out your space for drying your bins or jars for curing and the time needed to do it my big plants can take me 4 hours to do and i trime mine wet then set aside and weight them so i know what i can expect when it’s fully cured. Hope this gives you a better idea of a harvest plan


Yes, they do look just about right. @Medicalgrower
Trim all the fan leaves.
Then save any “sugar” leaves (the ones with trichomes) to make butter with, or many other things.


If you haven’t tried gold leaf I grew last summer and love it really good potent high