Gold leaf auto timing

Have my new girl all grown up. First I did in a bigger (3 gal) pot and only one plant. LST’d her and she did well.

It’s been around 10 weeks or so. Lots of white pistols but not really much change in their color to amber and don’t see any trichs. Seems late for this. Is it possible for the grow to stall before hitting full Bud status?

Ok gonna add some pics. I know there’s some clear watering issues leaves but it’s mostly good. I was at beach house and thought I’d watered plenty for time away and came back to realize this size drinks a ton more than the ones grown in 1gal pots.


And these are a couple I just tossed in smaller pots and put out by pool. Didn’t mess with them at all. I had grown 5 seeds when I was gonna do 4 in tent (which I then learned was bad idea) and always leave room for a failure. Put two in garden and they failed. Probably too early.

Anyway these are the ones that really look like they didn’t “finish”. Never saw lots of pistols or hairs. But does look trichy. Should I just cut, dry, ans cure them anyway?

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Did not get any advice, but chopped them and the one plant was just under 14 ounces wet.

The outside ones did not make it. One was chopped and I messed up drying and it got moldy. Other one was left outside too long and same thing happened. I dry in the tent after I chop big one so the timing was off.