Gold Color Leaf's

This is a outside grow with one plant that has what looks like gold paint appearing on the top of the leaf’s The plant is a Blue Dream and is about 5’ tall. The two plants next to and touching are free from the gold spotting . Using Google Lens it suggested to use cal-mag I used Sensi cal mag+ with no change. I don’t know if this is something to worry about or just genetics Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

Is the plant in a pot or in the ground?

It is a Wierd dusting…i can’t say I know for sure right this second what deficiency it is.

Your in soil then I take it?

I suggest taking a soil sample and doing a soil slurry test with distilled water for ppm & PH.
This will give us a good base to understand what state the medium is jn.

That is magnesium deficiency

Adding cal mag will fix the deficiency but wont fix the leaves affected u need to watch other leaves and new growth

Thanks for the response guys. More info, yes the plant is in soil as well as all of the plants around the plant in question. They were planted at 2.5’ apart in one of our outside vegetable gardens, this is my first outside grow. It was more of an experiment as I primarily grow in tents. I know each individual plant requires different nutrients, but this is an extreme difference given that all of the plants environment is the same.

I’ve been adding cal-mag+ for about a week now with no change in the leaf’s. I would like to get ahold of this before it goes into flower. I’ll try upping the dose a little and see? The plant in question is in between and in front of the 2 tall plants.



If your magnesium deficiency is due to lockout because of ph issues adding more won’t help.

Lockout is a good point, but I can’t check the soil ph because it would disturb the plants to much. I know I should have planted in pots, next year. I feed with well water which comes in at 6.8, my solutions are 6.5 ph Advance nutrients. given the close proximity of all of the plants, and the same feeding regiment to have just 1 go rouge is weird. That’s not to say it didn’t happen.

I added a table spoon of Epsom salt .in with the Sensi cal mag+. I’ll see what it does for the next few days. If no change, I’ll flush for a few days with just water. All of the rain we’ve been having ( Ann Arbor MI )should have effected all of the plants some what?

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I visited your area a few times. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I was living in Arkansas at the time and they have oak and cedar trees. Up there it seemed like on the property I was on there were no two trees the same.

Long as your not getting your water from flint.

The leaves aren’t gonna change once they get like that they stay that way what you need to be looking at is new growth.

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Yes the new growth is still coming in like what is pictured. so no change as of yet.

Bummer I hope it turns around for.

What’s the problem with my Purple Aliens?

I’m on my first grow in soil, indoors in fabric pots. Using a mix of fox farms OF and HF.
I’ve only top dressed once so far and getting very good results using organic nutrients. (Dr Earth) My research indicated this would be best because synthetic nutrients need the proper ph range to be available to the plant. Not my first grow, I’ve done coco grows and hated all the nute mixing and daily fertigation.

19 days from ground breaking, foxfarms soil.

@AngryPossum They just look a lil overwatered with a lil nute burn also