Going to start a grow and need some help

Ok… So I am going to start a grow with MotherEarth coco coir + perlite, with 4, 5 gallon fabric pots to start off in. My nutrients are from general hydroponics(grow, micro, bloom) with cal-mag. I am going to start using a reverse osmosis system to water my plants to get rid of the things I don’t want in my water.

The light is advertised as a thousand watt LED grow light. It says that with only pulling 150 out the wall it’s brightness is as high as one. Don’t know about that but it works though.

I am confused about how much I should feed these plants at each stage. What should the ppm be at in each stage? And overall how should one test how much nutrients to give a plant and test over time for the best feed schedule for that individual plant?

My last grow I had some type of nutrient problems and in the end didn’t know exactly what happened. Don’t want the same outcome this time. Any help and suggestions would help me get though this that much easier, I am still learning.

This is the feed schedule that I am thinking of using, got it from someone I don’t know, so I was hoping for some advice on this, he helped me out and used it himself so I need some outside opinions.

1/4 = 1.25ml
1/2 2.5ml
3/4 = 3.75ml
1 or full = 5ml


Depending on the amount of plants you decide, that light is really only good enough for one.
I defer to @Myfriendis410 on the GH feed times. He’s much more familiar with that line than myself. GH has their own schedule, that may be a better representation of what you should be doing.

Do you have an exhaust fan? Another fan inside the tent for air circulation?
Carbon filter for smells?
TDS meter?
PH meter?


Tag in @dbrn32 for all your lighting questions. He’s forgotten more than most of us will ever know. Lights are the most important item you have, get the best you can. If you buy cheap lights you’ll be replacing them sooner if you had bought quality HLG quantum boards.


150 watt blurple usually good for flowering up to 4-6 square feet.


I use the GH feed schedule (Drain to Waste) but only for the ratio between the base nutes. Once mixed in to R/O water (which GH is designed for) dilute to a target TDS value. In early veg that’s around 300 ppm. In full veg around 700 ppm and highest demand (flower) no more than 850 ppm or so unless plant is telling you differently. Monitor runoff and when runoff PPM’s exceed input it’s time to flush. Feed/water/feed/water daily and cal mag on water only days.


Yep, I got everything you asked about on there. Its all in a grow tent big enough for about 4 plants. The light was around 105 when I bought it and I get what you mean about the light. Thanks for your time.

This is what is on the light but I don’t think some of it is accurate. But I know little to nothing about grow lights, so I was hoping for some insight on what this light could do and what would be a good but kinda cheap grow light for the future.

Kind of beat up but still runs fine for now. Thanks for your help.

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Out of likes, but you’re welcome. Happy growing. :seedling:

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Just so I don’t get confused and mess up, you are saying to feed/water/feed/water everyday? So I feed the plant then water the next day or all in the same day? And using your chart you showed me, is skipping the first week something you could do or would that mess up the schedule?

So something like this is what you base it off of? Is using your chart effective with some tweaking of course for every plant? Last time I messed up a bit of my grow because of nutrients and how much and often I have to feed the plants. I had only some idea of what I had to do.

And thanks again for the help you have shown me now and in the past. You have been very helpful.

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I had a similar light I was gonna use. After sound advice I ordered a 600 watt hid light. Not the best but strong enough and economical.

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You want to wet coco daily so day 1, feed. Day 2, water with cal mag. Day 3, Feed. Day 4, water with cal mag etc ad nauseum. Follow weeks schedule most closely resembling plant. If vegging longer than their feedchart simply stay on late veg until transition. Periodic flushes are determined by the TDS of the runoff. When it exceeds what you are putting in, it’s time to flush. This will all seem very simple once you experience it.

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They’re trying to say there’s 100- 10 watt leds’s in the fixture, so it’s 1000 watts. But they’re definitely not supplying the current to run all 100 leds at 10 watts each. It’s probably more like 1-2 watts per led. If you had something like a killawatt to plug it into would show the actual power consumption. Chances are the 150 listed is accurate. Either way, light output isn’t measured in watts, the number there you would be looking for is radioactive flux. They won’t give you that because they you would clearly see it doesn’t line up with their claims for adequate coverage.

The good news is that it probably performs in line with just about everything else priced around what you paid.