Going great except a little color on the tips?

So I’ve got these two growing, one on the left is the black widow, one on the right is Bruce banner, banner is around 2-3 weeks along now and widow is around 4-5? Banner seems relatively healthy aside from just loosing its baby leaves the other day. Widow is going good with the exception of the tips of the leaves have a little color to them? It’s on almost every leave but it doesn’t seem to spread at all? P.S widow has been topped twice creating 4 mains and banner was just topped the first time the other day.


Widow closeup

Banner closeup

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She’s telling you she’s at her limit for nutrients. What soil are you using and are you feeding them?

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So what would cause that before nutes were even started?

“Hot“ soil can do that.


I’m using Coast of Maine Platinum Grower’s Mix, Super Soil, Stonington Blend. Same soil as the banner. And no I haven’t started feeding or adding anymore nutes to it


She’ll be fine. Some are more sensitive than others. I’ve had a few that have shown that in ocean forest, no added nutes.

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Alright, thanks for the reassurance! I didn’t think they were looking too bad for my first grow lol

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This is a northern light that had some leaves with yellow tips (day 53). It is in amended fox farm ocean forest so it is a little hotter than out of the bag. The tips cleared up within a week

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Set to watch. I’m on my first grow too. RDWC.

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Plants look good i would agree strain sensitivity to the hot soil as as @BobbyDigital said. I’d like to tag along if thats cool

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Doing a little lst today, looks kinda sloppy rn as It was just done, I will update once they “recover”
Widow I’m doing a more symmetrical lst

Banner I’m going to do a spiral lst.

Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this?


The more the merrier lol

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Yeah. If you wanna check mine out, it’s here: Quick Germination Question

So upon moving banner around I discovered it’s stems were pretty soft and flexible, they seem to have a regular thickness like the widow plant but pretty flexible? Anyone got any ideas or thoughts on this?

I did go ahead and lower the 350w light from 6 inches to about 3 and the 600w light from 8 to 5. And turned the fan to blow a little more onto them. Plants do get 24hrs of light tho.

Hey darkness, welcome aboard! Just personal opion for ya. Read the articles in Bergmans grow guide. A wealth of info for free. Read all about light and cycles and if you can, invest in a good light. I personally picked Spider Farmer 2000 for my 4x4 tent. Also, tents are surprisingly inexpensive. You can be in such control of everything. Mine are in veg now and will pick up another light after I flip cycles into flower. Led lights are great . 2000 watt cost around 26 cents a day. No excessive heat . Best of luck.

Yeah I planned on getting a tent eventually tbh or even building my own, currently got them in a closet so it’s not too bad controlling everything temp and humidity wise, and yea both my lights are led grow lights, just didn’t have the money to buy a 1k or higher grow light, had the 350 laying around from the last time I was going to attempt a grow but never did and was able to pick up the 600w for around 100.

Hey man I’ve got an outdoor going, started inside using Coast of Maine products they’ve been transplanted into their 15gal smart pots.
I have one strain maybe two that had light tips on a few leaves. It’s not nute burn or anything, it’s just lighter. Mine ended up growing out of it after a week or so.

Hey everyone, ik its been a couple days but here they are again! Did some more lst on the banner as it is growing like bamboo it’s stems are still about the same flex level as a tomato plant which is kinda worrying. The widow is coming along nicely also. I’ve gotta do a little lst on her also because some of the higher leaves are getting a little light burn as shown in pics while the lower ones are about as healthy as can be. Anyone got any suggestions to help the healing process from this? I just moved the light about 2 inches higher to prevent any further damage from occuring.