Go a nice surprise when i looked at my girls

Well i just having a look at my plants and as i was emptying out there drip trays i notice something weird i try to see what it was but i couldnt see properly so i grabbed my torch to have a look as my lights were off and to my surprise i see one of the branches of my GSCA split in half so anyway i had to tie it back together with tie wire it turns out that the buds are getting to heavy for the branches to handle if i got to put my fingers around the buds i cant touch my finger tips together there almost as round as a coke can guys

Take alook at these buds


Every time I’ve done such a repair the plant healed itself and did just fine. Some honey or pure aloe on the wound can help it heal a little faster.

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I will put some on in the morning i have to get honey

Nice dense bud
Don’t worry she be fine

Yah im not to worried about it i had to fix something like this before and it was fine here is another pic

I took more pics


What a great problem to have. Great job

Ok guys it has come to my attention that i have mixed up the tags in my pots the pic ive been saying is my GSCA is actually my critical purple auto this is my GSCA

I only realised that this morning when i had a look at the seed bank site i got them from

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