Gnarly Looking Leaves

Hello all,
I’m looking for a little insight why my leaves are looking like this on one of my plants (it seems to be starting on a second one). I don’t think it’s bugs - I can’t find any and I’d expect it to affect all four plants. Based on the deficiencies / excesses charts, it seems I may have a cal-mag problem. Is it also possible those are burn marks from droplets? They used to be under fluorescent bulbs so that wasn’t something I worried about. The new lights don’t give out much heat, but they do give out a lot of lumens. It may be worth mentioning it’s only showing on the tallest plants at this time.

They’ve only been under the good lights about 2 weeks and have doubled in size (at least) so a nutrient problem makes sense to me. I have cal-mag and nutrients arriving today.

Regardless of the cause, should I remove these affected fan leaves?

A little background:

Age: 2 months
Type: ILGM Beginner Mixpack - We planted 2 White Widow, 2 AK, 2 Bubblegum, and the 4 remaining plants are 1WW, 2AK, 1BG (one didn’t germinate, one died as a seedling).
Soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forest
Light - Started under T12s (I know) now under 135W QB V2 LED. 12/12
Humidity - 45%
PH - Watering with 6.5…run off seems very acidic but I’m measuring with strips and I’ve read the discoloration can throw off the numbers.
Watering Schedule - Flood / Drought

I’m happy to answer any questions I can (I don’t have a PPM meter at this time) and appreciate any help I can get. Thank you for reading and have a great one.


Do you spray anything on the leaves?

FFoF is very rich in nutrients and microbes, so when overwatered N toxicity can take place.

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I’ve been trying to keep the leaves dry, I was out of town for 4 days for work and my wife watered them once. I’ll look up N Toxixity, thank you.

Looks like magnesium deficiency and nitrogen deficiency. PH is probably out of whack, you really need a digital meter. 3 points in either direction can cause nute lockout.