Give it to me straight! What do i got?


I want to thank everyone tremendously for your inputs, opinions, and time helping me learn and decide what to do with every step. Once i chopped it, i could flip it upside down and look up under. It was overwhelming evident i had a male.

This has been one of the most enjoyable hobbies ive ever had. The challenges, problem solving, learning, interacting with a living thing along with this great community has far exceeded my expectations. This experience has rewarded me back so much more than i gave.

Today, im excited as i finally get to try out my success. Ive waited 15 months for this day and its finally here. My probation ends, im free and clear. Let the smoke begin!!!

I have nothing going right now and with the death of my male this afternoon, ive decided to take a break. Ive been so fortunate and have a phat ass pocket full.
Greed will come down on a person in the end. So, im gonna take mine, walk away and be happy. After all, i did pretty good for it still being 100% unacceptable here.

I changed my profile icon in reference to my new freedom. :rofl: ill come and check in from time to time and will DEFINITELY be looking forward to hanging out with all you fine folks in this community again in the future.

Nothing but peace and love for you all


Cheers to you my friend!!! Enjoy every moment!!!