GH to advanced nutrients

Do I need add additional cal/mag to sinsi grow? What about silica to sinsi bloom? Anything else I should know before I start using them?

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Part A does contain calcium and magnesium. Neither contain silica. I know of no 2-part product that contains silica.


@Jspeach Their Rhino Skin additive has the silica in it.

I am about to buy some Advanced nutrients to try on my outside grow. Where did you buy yours? Anyone know of any good 420 deals on Advanced nutrients?


Great point! iirc we see a lot of vendors doing 420 sales.


Dumonts Seed Company in Canton


Thanks…that is a little far to drive, I might be down that way at the beginning of May…about when I will need them.

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Advanced nutrients are absolutely in my opinion some of the best if not the best on the market. It’s all I’ll use. However, their additives in my opinion are highly marketed & overpriced. You have to be very careful with the additives.

Products like silica (I use boom City) far better than rhino skin. Advanced nutrients calcium magnesium has a higher npk the most. (I use general hydroponics)

Voodoo Juice, bud candy, big buds, any of the pH perfect blends, and sensizym are products that stand out far above the rest and I use in every grow. These are the product that in my opinion you can’t compare to anything else.

All the products that I use (additives) outside of advanced nutrients all work with the pH perfect system.

Good luck to you


Appreciate it! Thanks


I’m looking forward to trying them out

The rewards are endless