GG4 - Are these seeds?

My Gorilla Glue 4 Auto from ILGM is about 4 weeks in flower. I had a male strawberry cough in the tent but took him out when I noticed it was male. Not sure if I took it out soon enough but are these seeds?

Looks like swollen calyxes (female.)

Ok. Great. I got scared for a minute…lmao

Unfortunately this looks like a seed to me.


Looks like seeds


Yeah looks like seeded to me.


Cut one open and find out! :thinking::sunglasses:


I am growing seeds atm, and they look like yours. The pistils turn brown earlier than the rest of the bud where it’s seeded. If you give it a small squeeze, you should feel the seed.

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Yep. Cut one open and it is definitely a seed…ok. so now I wonder how this particular strain will turn out. GG4×Strawberry :strawberry:Cough
Thanks everyone.


Yup. Its seeds. Thanks

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Was the male an auto also?

Yes. It is an auto.

I would love to see what they produce. I would let them mature but I am a freak…

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Gorilla Cough or Strawberry Glue…lol


I am gonna wait and they only appear on a few of the buds. On 1 side. Will keep you posted.

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A lot to go 4 - 6 weeks more

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I hate I messed my plant up but I got plenty strawberry :strawberry: cough Ă— Gorilla Glue 4 adult seed cross


So that’s an auto crossed with a male photo… what happens next?

Here it is in a nutshell.

“Should” be another auto. Hopefully it will acquire the best traits from both parents.

They were both autos.

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