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got my tent and lite, getting ready, but a couple ques. im thinking of using 5 gal squair fabric pots instead of round there about 3in shorter, got a 24x24x48 tent, any thoughts, also i got jacks 321, but no instruc. on how to mix. got 6 oz supost to make 25-27 gal, just want to make 2-3 gal at a time, any body know the proper mix. thank for any help

Bags are a little easier imo. You can lift them to check weight to see if they need water or not. They dry out a little faster tho. Can’t tell you much else on your setup, as I’m new and growing outside. Gods luck!

If your growing autos you could get by with a 3 gallon in a 2x2 would not grow more than two IMO

Personally I hate fabric pots in general. But that’s me. Your jacks 321 is 321. Mix A and Epsom salt (mag) before B. Make sure they are completely mixed in before adding B. Amounts are 3.6 grams per Gallon for A, 2.5g/G of B and 1.2g/G of Epsom salt. Beginning to end.

i am growing auto, first indoor grow will be banana kush, just 1 to start see how it goes, will prob use 5 gal to start, if can get 2 plants will try 3 gal wantto check root ball. thank

why cant they put the mixture eith it you sound like you know what you doing,ill use your mix. thanks

Strongly recommend upgrading tent to as high as you can fit. After pot,lights,exhust will take up almost all of growing space. Only enough room for 15 inch plant if that.

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to late already got tent, after seeing others post with 48 in high tent, going to give a try, you wernt only one that said that, but for only $60 ill give it a try i found a lot of short groin plants, so well see thanks

With all respect you will change your mind when plants get into the lights or get burnt by them.

Make sure you mix in order. part a and epsom have to be FULLY dissolved before adding part b. Or you might get a milky result.

In a 2x2 anything to save height is good. It’s going to be tough!

We’re they growing in soil or coco? Coco is a lot quicker. It’s crazy how different actually.

What’s nice about the 3 gallon fab pots is no need to transplant. All 4 of my blueberry autos germ was a success and put them right into the 3 gallon fab. And they are growing nicely

Don’t judge me on the little makeshift stands I made just act like there not there


Also you are not supposed to transplant autos. Start in final home.

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I’d love To see these square pots.

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They are the square pots. But they get rounded anyway so really don’t matter if square or round. Lmao

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