Getting ready to scrog. When should I top my plants?

Plants are 6 to 8 inches tall. Some recomend 10 inches. Was thinking topping at 12 inches, but only have 6 ft. Of vertical space, (floor to light).

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12" is good. Look up how to do a FIM instead of just topping: it will give you 4 tops instead of 2 which allows you to send to diagonal corners of the SCROG.

6 feet of height is perfect for doing a screen: I regularly do a plant that’s only 30" high and yields 14 oz.


Dude thats a serious plant there. I like it. Great job. Im working on getting my plants to look like that. One day my friend. One day.

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The size guide doesn’t always work for me. I grow indoors and start flowering at 6 weeks, So I top at day 30, 40 and again at day 50.

first time with photos, but topped these with some lst. I too only have 6 feet of clearance, 3 different strains here, and now have had to start tying them up, i didn’t do the best with the net(colas are to heavy for it)