Getting ready for first grow, advice appreciated


I will be receiving a SuperNova hydroponic grow cabinet From SuperCloset next month. I want to order seeds on this site and have a few basic questions.

  1. I am leaning towards trying Gorilla Glue as this has always been one of my favorite strains. The description mentions that it has a very strong odor. I will be growing in my basement. With the carbon filters in the cabinet should I be concerned with odor permeating my upstairs living area?

  2. is it possible to start several strains at the same time or does different nutrient requirements make this a bad idea with a hydroponic system with a common reservoir?

Thanks in advance!


Not a hydro guy but the ones I know grow several different strains at the same time so no issue there. And as far as smell if you have a good filter setup I can stand at my tent and not smell anything until I unzip it and I’m in flower when the smell is the strongest so no worries. Oh welcome to the forum…


As long as you maintain negative pressure in your grow space and use carbon filter and exhaust fan you should be fine with odor.


Welcome to the forum. I’m currently growing several different strains and it’s no bother. Smell won’t be an issue providing you keep negative pressure in your tent and have a decent size fan and filter. One thing I have learned is get bigger than you think you need with regards the fan filter combo

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Very true like at @Davyg said you can always turn too big of a fan down. But if it’s too small you will have no choice but to replace it.


Welcome to the forum!

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