Getting more light to inner colas

Any thing I can do to helpget the inner colas to grow, or just leave her alone 3 weeks old first time growing .Uploading…

@majiktoker, I topped this auto a week ago.

She looks good but she’s small

Right, I just transplanted it to that pot hoping it helps her grow more didn’t have material to do it until now

If she is an auto u might not want to poke and prod her to much but u can tie things down without any stress to the Lil lady…


How old is she and that could be a factor while she is so small, transplanting autos will stint them, they don’t have a full life cycle like photo period plants and being she’s flowering she may not get much bigger.

To get more light to inner colas as @peachfuzz mentioned you can tie her nodes down and back to open it up, or you can leave her alone to grow and do what she does. I’d honestly try to tie her back to let more air flow through the middles


Light of growth doesn’t work that way. I recommend just leaving her be and see what she does.

In depth…
The outer leaves make a compound known as G3P, and then, carbohydrates. After this process, the plant transports this sugars from “source cells” to “sink cells” threw a process called translocation, using the phloem.

The inner growth doesnt need its leaves to get a lot of light, as long as their tops are exposed to light (as your are). The outer leaves supply enough sugars for the whole plant.

Hormones like Auxin help “meristematic tissue” in the tips of the “shoot apical meristem” or the “root apical meristem” is where new cell devision occurs. This is also why the inner growth normally is taller, as there is no leaves, and auxin promotes stretching.

If she in flower, as an Auto, anything you do will stress her out.


Here’s her sister

They are a total of three weeks. U said they are in flower ? Oh shit I have two others in the tent with them I’m gonna have to move these autos out cause they are not even close to be I flower.

As long as there’s no males, you can keep them in the same tent. Autos are on a fixed life cycle, so anything 12-24 hours is fine. Most people grow Autos from 18-24 hours of light to maximize yield size.

Flowering Autos and nonflowering Auto’s can be in the same tent, because the light schedule isn’t an issue.

These are early flowers in the picture:

It looks like you’re about a 1.5-2 weeks into flower, so you have a ways to go.

Her sister looks as if she’s got some buds flowering as well.

Happy growing

Yes she does so it’s fine to leave them st 18,6 and start to give them bloom nuiets or keep them on veg I’m not sure what to do

I like to bend over main branch then any other big ones. Tie them down and get a good bit of colas goin and concentrate on those and not worry too much about lower and middle buds. I have a smallish side light because it seems right think to do. The lower buds go in trim pile for some butter.Uploading…


I’m an organic grower, and don’t use a feeding schedule (mostly aquaponics now). When I do use soils, I use recycled soils and worm castings with fish waste. I judge deficiencies based on leaf diagnosis, and only feed what’s nessissary.

Maybe one of the other soil members or mentors like @Majiktoker, @Hammer, or @garrigan62 that can jump in and help you setup a feeding schedule. There’s a ton of good growers here.

GL bud, so far they look great.

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@Majiktoker.I’m getting ready to mainline my other 2 but I was wondering if I can get clones from that type of state of training? Thanks Gents

Sure you can as long as there not Auto’s and there age has to be considered in also.
I take clones from the mother while she is in her second week of flower.


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Oh wow that’s awesome thanks

Is there a picure u can show me what I’m cutting to get a clone ?

Heres an old video on cloning hydroponicly, and what I think is the easiest method.

Skip to about 18:00 mins in.

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Thanks for you help

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where do i find your far out emoji ?..i need it real bad.