Getting closer.. This time next week?

CBD Kush autoflower…


Welcome ,overall look of the plant you still have a few weeks to go.


You have some time to go. Agree with kellydans. happy growing :bat: :rofl:


Once all white pistils turn brown the plant is just about ready. Then it’s time to check the trichs. look for trichs to be all milky with some turning to amber.


Based on what I was told by these fine people here, I’m in the same boat with you and just need to wait. And mine appear to even be ahead of yours


Hey Google set a reminder not to bother these kind folk again for two weeks :grinning::pray:.

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Couple few more weeks. I’d also back off the lights a tidbit (assuming you’re using LED), you got a little fox-tailing and the red petioles indicates slight light stress. If it’s too much light it’ll keep throwing foxtails and white pistols and you won’t get the compact buds you’re looking for. It could also cause it to hermie. Other than that looks good!


@ManielDullen I paid close attention to your comment. I might be overdoing the light myself now that harvest is approaching. Does reducing 25% sound like enough just in case?

No bother! This is the worst part for me because I’m so impatient. It’ll be worth the wait! A cheap usb microscope will help you see the trichs

Haha! Give it at least a week and see if those pistils are receding. If so, post up some pics. Probably more like a couple weeks as stated though. You can certainly bother us for anything else in the meantime.


2 beautiful ladies and they both will bulk up like crazy 4 ya.

@ManielDullen yep it’s a 1000 watt full spectrum LED and I have it at 100% how much do you reckon I should back it down?

update: here it is 16 days later and this particular plant of mine is ready for the cutting this weekend. Glad I waited!!


Picture or it didn’t happen lol. Glad u waited and now can be in trim jail

Today’s the day! Happy trimming!:ok_hand::ok_hand:


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And yeah thanks to everyone in this thread for urging patience. The extra time really dialed in the trichs.