Germination - Seed Cracked - Now What?

I have a GG4 auto seed that I’m not sure what to do with.

I put in water in a warm place. After 36 hours I could see the seed popped open and I can barely see the white of a tail. It’s “not” really sticking out but I can still just barely see it.

I placed it in a wet paper towel, then in a Tupperware type container on my heat mat. Covered with towels to hold heat and maintain darkness. It’s been 3 days and no change. The tail is only barely visible.

I’ve watched all kinds of video and instructions and most talk about when the tail is x long plant it. Doesn’t say much when the seed doesn’t cooperate?

Any thoughts? I’ll let it ride in the Tupperware a while longer (keeping it moist and warm). I have a feeling it’s now dead.


Plant it tail up and the plant should “right itself” and pull itself out of shell at the same time

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Cooked your seedling? I just cooked a clone on my seedling heat mat.
Last night a forum poster mentioned cooking seeds and seedling if the mat gets too hot.
I figured lung room 50, no problem.
And now my prize dual-flowering 3 inch long–clone with root nub may be upset at me.
The water evaporated. covered with towels and indoors would work.
At this point, re-fresh seed with fresh water and prayers, for both of our plants.
Wrapped in towels on mat at max 80 degrees, my guess.

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And upon re-checking, two more were dry.
Thankfully, they live. I put a timer on the heat mat 50% operation, 15 min cycles, now.

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I soak mine just in water and peroxide solution 6/1 and have had a 99 percent success rate. They should float not sink last run I put 4 in 3 sank so I soaked 3 more in the morning they all floated and had a tail. O plant even if its just showing. I have had to split a few with a razor to get them to start but the peroxide solution seems to be the ticket.

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Once the seed cracks and the ‘tail’ pops out it’s time to plant it. The tail is actually the tap root. The tap root should be planted down. The seed casing will be pushed out of the soil and eventually fall off.


Normally, soak seeds 16 to 24 hours, 3 to 10 days for germination. It depends on environment.
Next, the tail is only barely visible which can not be placed to grow medium or rockwool. The tail or taperoot must be 2 - 3mm.
Besides, i also have a concern that these seeds with barely visible tails are still alive or note. They can placed in soft towel paper to continue germination in a good condition.

Finally, how to know the seeds with barely visible tails are death and how to secure them before death. Thank you all.

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